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Making things right

If you’re unhappy, we hope that we can resolve your issues quickly by speaking to one of the team, but if you want to raise a formal complaint then you’ll know where you stand each step along the way.

Responding within 12 working hours

We’ll always aim to respond to your complaint within 12 working hours days, or as soon as we possibly can.

Getting to the root of the problem

Our team meet regularly to look at all feedback, including yours, to investigate any common issues. We aim to look beyond the immediate issue, into our systems and processes and address the actual root of the cause so we can avoid the same problems.

How to make a complaint

If you’re unhappy with the service from Harrisons or one of our companies, please let us know immediately so we can sort things out. It’s really important that you’re happy and satisfied with the service you receive.

You can call Harrisons Head Office on 0800 103 002 or fill out the form. Our Customer Care team will find solutions to most problems quickly for you, in most cases it’ll be the same day. We’ll also record your complaint or issues to help us improve in the future.


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